Distinguished Scholar Award

In order to recognize career-long excellence in scholarship devoted to the writers of our period and the culture in which they lived, the Keats-Shelley Association of America has since 1981 conferred a Distinguished Scholar Award on not more than two awardees per year. Nominations for these awards are solicited from the K-SAA membership and adjudicated by the Board of Directors. The Awards are presented at K-SAA’s annual dinner at the Modern Language Association’s conference. Encomiums for Award winners are published in the Keats-Shelley Journal.

Recipients of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Keats-Shelley Association of America, Inc.
  • Angela Easterhammer (presented by Ian Duncan)
  • Orrin N. C. Wang (presented by Kate Singer)
2020 (awarded MLA virtual conference 2020) Neil Fraistat Presiding
2019 (awarded Seattle MLA 2020) Sonia Hofkosh and Kate Singer Presiding (in Neil Fraistat’s unavoidable absence)
  • Mary Favret (presented by Julie Carlson)
  • Duncan Wu (presented by Susan Wolfson via Charles Mahoney)
2018 (awarded Chicago MLA 2019) Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Beth Lau (presented by Greg Kucich)
  • Michael O’Neill (presented by Duncan Wu; awarded posthumously and received by Mark Sandy)
2017 (awarded New York MLA 2018) Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Alan Bewell (presented by Jonathan Mulrooney)
  • Lisa Vargo (presented by Nora Crook
2016 (awarded Philadelphia MLA 2017) Stuart Curran/Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Pamela Clemit (presented by Michael Rossington)
  • William Galperin (presented by Susan Wolfson)
2015 (awarded Austin MLA 2016) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Mary Jacobus (presented by Alexander Regier)
  • Kenneth Johnston (presented by Nicholas Roe)
2014 (awarded Vancouver MLA 2015) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Ina Ferris (presented by Deidre Lynch)
  • Nicholas Roe (presented by Jeffrey Cox)
2013 (awarded Chicago MLA 2014) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Jerrold Hogle (presented by Michael Gamer)
  • Steven Jones (presented by Orianne Smith)
2012 (awarded Boston MLA 2013) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Marjorie Levinson (presented by Andrea Henderson)
  • David Wagenknecht (presented by Charles Rzepka)
2011 (awarded Seattle MLA 2012) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Frances Ferguson (presented by Andrew Franta)
  • Marshall Brown (presented by Gary Handwerk)
2010 (awarded Los Angeles MLA 2011) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Christopher Ricks (presented by Susan Wolfson)
  • Julie Carlson (presented by Mary A. Favret and Sonia Hofkosh)
2009 (Philadelphia) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Jeffrey Cox (presented by Mark Lussier)
  • Timothy Webb (presented by Charles Robinson)
2008 (San Francisco) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Alan Richardson (presented by Ashton Nichols)
  • Doucet Devin Fischer (presented by Jeanne Moskal)
2007 (Chicago) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Paula Feldman (introduced in the K-SJ by Daniel Robinson)
  • James Chandler (presented by Julie Carlson)
2006 (Philadelphia) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Nora Crook (presented by Lisa Vargo)
  • Michael Henry Scrivener (presented by Terence Hoagwood)
2005 (Washington, D.C.) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Tilottama Rajan (presented by David L. Clark)
  • Stephen Behrendt (presented by Kevin Binfield)
2004 (Philadelphia) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Theresa M. Kelley (presented by Julie Carlson)
  • Charles Rzepka (presented by Jonathan Mulrooney)
2003 (San Diego) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Hermione de Almeida (presented by Ben P. Robertson)
2002 (New York) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Morton D. Paley (presented by Donald H. Reiman)
2001 (New Orleans) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Neil Fraistat (presented by Stuart Curran)
  • Susan Wolfson (presented by Peter J. Manning)
2000 (Washington) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Nancy Goslee (presented by Theresa Kelley)
  • Robert Ryan (presented by Regina Hewitt)
1999 (Chicago) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • John Clubbe (presented by Peter Manning)
  • Anne K. Mellor (presented by Clifford Siskin)
1998 (San Francisco) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Frederick Burwick (presented by Grant Scott)
  • Marilyn Gaull (presented by Peter Manning)
1997 (Toronto) Robert M. Ryan presiding
  • Geoffrey H. Hartman (presented by Frances Ferguson)
  • William Keach (presented by Anne Janowitz)
  • [Frederick L. Beaty was nominated but could not attend the Awards Dinner]
1996 (Washington, D.C.) Stuart Curran presiding
  • Peter J. Manning (presented by Susan Wolfson)
  • Marion K. Stocking (presented by Donald H. Reiman)
1995 (Chicago) Stuart Curran presiding
  • Charles E. Robinson (presented by Betty T. Bennett)
  • Emily Sunstein (presented by Jeanne Moskal)
1994 (San Diego) Betty T. Bennett presiding
  • Helen Vendler (presented by Hermione de Almeida)
  • [Christopher Ricks was nominated, but would not attend MLA]
1993 (Toronto) Betty T. Bennett presiding
  • Milton Wilson (presented by J. Douglas Kneale)
  • Ross Woodman (presented by Tilottama Rajan)
1992 (New York) William T. Buice III presiding
  • Betty T. Bennett (presented by Charles E. Robinson)
  • Stuart Curran (presented by Neil Fraistat)
1991 (San Francisco) William T. Buice III presiding
  • Robert F. Gleckner (presented by Jerome C. Christensen)
  • Peter L. Thorslev, Jr. (presented by Frederick L. Burwick)
1990 (Chicago) Stuart Curran presiding
  • David Perkins (presented by Paul D. Sheats)
  • Karl Kroeber (presented by Michael C. Neth)
1989 (Washington) William T. Buice III presiding
  • Jerome J. McGann (presented by Marjorie Levinson)
  • [Harold Bloom, though nominated by the Directors would not attend the Dinner to receive the Award]
1988 (New Orleans) Betty T. Bennett presiding
  • Morse Peckham (presented by L.J. Swingle)
  • Stuart M. Sperry (presented by Leon Waldoff)
1987 (San Francisco): Jack Stillinger presiding
  • M. H. Abrams (presented by Stuart Curran)
  • Donald H. Reiman (presented by Neil Fraistat)
1986 (New York): William T. Buice III, host; David V. Erdman presiding
  • Jack Stillinger (presented by Beth Lau)
1985 (Chicago): Carl Woodring presiding
  • Richard Harter Fogle (presented by Mary Lynn Johnson [Grant])
  • [Truman Guy Steffan, though nominated by the Directors, was unable to attend the Annual Awards Dinner]
1984 (Washington): Donald H. Reiman presiding
  • Carlos Baker (presented by George Bornstein)
  • Willard B. Pope (presented by Leonidas M. Jones)
1983 (New York): William T. Buice III, host; Donald H. Reiman presiding
  • Aileen Ward (presented by Mary Ann Shea, reading citation by Irene Tayler)
  • Ralph M. Wardle (presented by Emily Sunstein)
1982 (Los Angeles): Donald H. Reiman presiding
  • Kenneth Neill Cameron (presented by Betty T. Bennett)
  • David V. Erdman (presented by Stuart Curran)
  • Carl Woodring (presented by Hermione de Almeida)
1981 (New York): Lola L. Szladits presiding
  • Leslie A. Marchand (presented by John Clubbe)
  • Walter Jackson Bate (presented by Stuart M. Sperry)