Distinguished Scholar Award

In order to recognize career-long excellence in scholarship devoted to the writers of our period and the culture in which they lived, the Keats-Shelley Association of America has since 1981 conferred a Distinguished Scholar Award on not more than two awardees per year. Nominations for these awards are solicited from the K-SAA membership and adjudicated by the Board of Directors. The Awards are presented at K-SAA’s annual dinner at the Modern Language Association’s conference. Encomiums for Award winners are published in the Keats-Shelley Journal.

Recipients of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Keats-Shelley Association of America, Inc.
2021 (awarded MLA virtual conference 2021) Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Jon Klancher (presented by Jonathan Sachs)
  • Nicola Watson (presented by Mary Favret)
2020 (awarded MLA virtual conference 2020) Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Angela Easterhammer (presented by Ian Duncan)
  • Orrin N. C. Wang (presented by Kate Singer)
2019 (awarded Seattle MLA 2020) Sonia Hofkosh and Kate Singer Presiding (in Neil Fraistat’s unavoidable absence)
  • Mary Favret (presented by Julie Carlson)
  • Duncan Wu (presented by Susan Wolfson via Charles Mahoney)
2018 (awarded Chicago MLA 2019) Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Beth Lau (presented by Greg Kucich)
  • Michael O’Neill (presented by Duncan Wu; awarded posthumously and received by Mark Sandy)
2017 (awarded New York MLA 2018) Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Alan Bewell (presented by Jonathan Mulrooney)
  • Lisa Vargo (presented by Nora Crook
2016 (awarded Philadelphia MLA 2017) Stuart Curran/Neil Fraistat Presiding
  • Pamela Clemit (presented by Michael Rossington)
  • William Galperin (presented by Susan Wolfson)
2015 (awarded Austin MLA 2016) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Mary Jacobus (presented by Alexander Regier)
  • Kenneth Johnston (presented by Nicholas Roe)
2014 (awarded Vancouver MLA 2015) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Ina Ferris (presented by Deidre Lynch)
  • Nicholas Roe (presented by Jeffrey Cox)
2013 (awarded Chicago MLA 2014) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Jerrold Hogle (presented by Michael Gamer)
  • Steven Jones (presented by Orianne Smith)
2012 (awarded Boston MLA 2013) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Marjorie Levinson (presented by Andrea Henderson)
  • David Wagenknecht (presented by Charles Rzepka)
2011 (awarded Seattle MLA 2012) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Frances Ferguson (presented by Andrew Franta)
  • Marshall Brown (presented by Gary Handwerk)
2010 (awarded Los Angeles MLA 2011) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Christopher Ricks (presented by Susan Wolfson)
  • Julie Carlson (presented by Mary A. Favret and Sonia Hofkosh)
2009 (Philadelphia) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Jeffrey Cox (presented by Mark Lussier)
  • Timothy Webb (presented by Charles Robinson)
2008 (San Francisco) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Alan Richardson (presented by Ashton Nichols)
  • Doucet Devin Fischer (presented by Jeanne Moskal)
2007 (Chicago) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Paula Feldman (introduced in the K-SJ by Daniel Robinson)
  • James Chandler (presented by Julie Carlson)
2006 (Philadelphia) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Nora Crook (presented by Lisa Vargo)
  • Michael Henry Scrivener (presented by Terence Hoagwood)
2005 (Washington, D.C.) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Tilottama Rajan (presented by David L. Clark)
  • Stephen Behrendt (presented by Kevin Binfield)
2004 (Philadelphia) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Theresa M. Kelley (presented by Julie Carlson)
  • Charles Rzepka (presented by Jonathan Mulrooney)
2003 (San Diego) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Hermione de Almeida (presented by Ben P. Robertson)
2002 (New York) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Morton D. Paley (presented by Donald H. Reiman)
2001 (New Orleans) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Neil Fraistat (presented by Stuart Curran)
  • Susan Wolfson (presented by Peter J. Manning)
2000 (Washington) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Nancy Goslee (presented by Theresa Kelley)
  • Robert Ryan (presented by Regina Hewitt)
1999 (Chicago) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • John Clubbe (presented by Peter Manning)
  • Anne K. Mellor (presented by Clifford Siskin)
1998 (San Francisco) Stuart Curran Presiding
  • Frederick Burwick (presented by Grant Scott)
  • Marilyn Gaull (presented by Peter Manning)
1997 (Toronto) Robert M. Ryan presiding
  • Geoffrey H. Hartman (presented by Frances Ferguson)
  • William Keach (presented by Anne Janowitz)
  • [Frederick L. Beaty was nominated but could not attend the Awards Dinner]
1996 (Washington, D.C.) Stuart Curran presiding
  • Peter J. Manning (presented by Susan Wolfson)
  • Marion K. Stocking (presented by Donald H. Reiman)
1995 (Chicago) Stuart Curran presiding
  • Charles E. Robinson (presented by Betty T. Bennett)
  • Emily Sunstein (presented by Jeanne Moskal)
1994 (San Diego) Betty T. Bennett presiding
  • Helen Vendler (presented by Hermione de Almeida)
  • [Christopher Ricks was nominated, but would not attend MLA]
1993 (Toronto) Betty T. Bennett presiding
  • Milton Wilson (presented by J. Douglas Kneale)
  • Ross Woodman (presented by Tilottama Rajan)
1992 (New York) William T. Buice III presiding
  • Betty T. Bennett (presented by Charles E. Robinson)
  • Stuart Curran (presented by Neil Fraistat)
1991 (San Francisco) William T. Buice III presiding
  • Robert F. Gleckner (presented by Jerome C. Christensen)
  • Peter L. Thorslev, Jr. (presented by Frederick L. Burwick)
1990 (Chicago) Stuart Curran presiding
  • David Perkins (presented by Paul D. Sheats)
  • Karl Kroeber (presented by Michael C. Neth)
1989 (Washington) William T. Buice III presiding
  • Jerome J. McGann (presented by Marjorie Levinson)
  • [Harold Bloom, though nominated by the Directors would not attend the Dinner to receive the Award]
1988 (New Orleans) Betty T. Bennett presiding
  • Morse Peckham (presented by L.J. Swingle)
  • Stuart M. Sperry (presented by Leon Waldoff)
1987 (San Francisco): Jack Stillinger presiding
  • M. H. Abrams (presented by Stuart Curran)
  • Donald H. Reiman (presented by Neil Fraistat)
1986 (New York): William T. Buice III, host; David V. Erdman presiding
  • Jack Stillinger (presented by Beth Lau)
1985 (Chicago): Carl Woodring presiding
  • Richard Harter Fogle (presented by Mary Lynn Johnson [Grant])
  • [Truman Guy Steffan, though nominated by the Directors, was unable to attend the Annual Awards Dinner]
1984 (Washington): Donald H. Reiman presiding
  • Carlos Baker (presented by George Bornstein)
  • Willard B. Pope (presented by Leonidas M. Jones)
1983 (New York): William T. Buice III, host; Donald H. Reiman presiding
  • Aileen Ward (presented by Mary Ann Shea, reading citation by Irene Tayler)
  • Ralph M. Wardle (presented by Emily Sunstein)
1982 (Los Angeles): Donald H. Reiman presiding
  • Kenneth Neill Cameron (presented by Betty T. Bennett)
  • David V. Erdman (presented by Stuart Curran)
  • Carl Woodring (presented by Hermione de Almeida)
1981 (New York): Lola L. Szladits presiding
  • Leslie A. Marchand (presented by John Clubbe)
  • Walter Jackson Bate (presented by Stuart M. Sperry)